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Tingle Lotion

Tingle Power – Tingle Advisory. Do not use Tingle products on the face. Testing a small area before applications is mandatory. Who should use a tingle: Tingle products are for advanced tanners who like to experience a warming sensation during tanning and see a reddening effect on their skin after tanning. These products are not recommended for sensitive skin tanners. These products should never be used for outdoor tanning.

What a Tingle does: Tingle is a benzyl nicotinate, which stimulates and increases microcirculation of the skin for greater more intense tanning results. What does tingle do to my skin? Benzyl nicotinate causes the reddening appearance and warming effect on the skin as a result of the increase blood flow. The increased blood flow increases the oxygen level in the skin. 


Lotions and Moisturizers

We recommend the use of lotions and aftercare moisturizers for the best results.

Natural Bronzers

This technology uses natural based extracts to provide immediate color to the skin that lasts one-to-two days. Examples of natural bronzers are walnut oil, walnut shell extract, caramel, henna, carrot oil, banana, or black tea extract. These natural extracts are considered cosmetic bronzers because they add additional color to the skin, much like a cosmetic make-up. Natural Bronzers are designed to: Encourage the tanning process and establish a base tan. Build a darker natural tan without the use of DHA. 

Delayed Bronzers

This technology uses the self- tanning agent DHA to increase dark color. Erythrulose is often used in conjunction with DHA. Both are sugar cane extracts that chemically darken the protein in the skin, the more DHA used the darker shade of brown. The color typically lasts for four to seven days and is seen within two-to-four hours after application. Hand washing is required with the use of DHA tanning lotions. Delayed Bronzers are designed to: Give an extra boost of color for fast visible results. Helps keep color longer. 

Moisturizers and Face Creams

What it does: Promotes luminous soft skin. Helps hydrate skin for optimal appearance. Maintains and prolongs the life and beauty of your tan.

How it does it: Skin conditioners saturate the skin with moisture – rich actives. Hemp seed oil supplies antioxidants to the skin to support increased collagen and skin integrity. Antioxidant and vitamin properties promote a healthy looking glow and improve the skins appearance.

How to use: Apply liberally over entire body twice.  

Accelerators and Tan-Activators

Tan Activators are not bronzers but a botanically based melanin enhancer. These products kick start tanning, providing immediate rich color. All color achieved while tanning is natural. No bronzers are adding to the tan naturally developed.