Level Four

15 minute tan time
18 –1000 watt facial lamps
High pressure—white sun!

No burning!

Level One  

15 minute tan time
32—100 watt body bulbs
3—400 watt facial bulbs
Quick tan time with great bronzing bulbs!

Level Two  

12 minute tan time
34—160 watt body bulbs
3—400 watt facial bulbs
Stronger bulbs for faster results!

Level Three

10 minute tan time
48—200 watt body bulbs
4—400 watt facial tanners
8—shoulder tanners
Curves bottom acrylic—ultimate comfort!
Deep bronzing bed—get deeper longer lasting color!

Open 7 days a week!



Four Levels of Tanning

At Suntan Seekers we have a bed for everyone!  All lay down beds have facial tanners and fans at the foot of the beds!  We offer stand up units with quick tanning times and quiet fans to keep you cool!  Each salon offers multiple beds per level so you don't have to wait!  No appointment needed just walk on in!  New to tanning?  Just ask on of our associates to help you choose which level would be best for you!